SS22: Nemo

Together with Coral Reef Care, Reflorez is rebuilding the coral reef. With the profits of the Nemo collection, we are planting new baby coral on special constructions on the bottom of the ocean in Bali. These constructions enable the baby coral to grow healthy and stable, in a safe environment. Coral reefs form the essential basis for marine life in the tropes. However, due to climate change, coral is dying and bleaching. Therefore, Reflorez is contributing to healthy, blooming coral reefs and marine life.

Together, we will plant a fresh baby coral farm. 

Reflorez Coral Reef Care

Sf21: REcess

Everybody back to school. With our newest collection, we are financing the development of the new green schoolyard for the Kameleon. The Kameleon is a language school that is focusing especially on children with a refugee background. For those who struggle to master the Dutch language are supported and guided by the Kameleon. Knowing how important it is to be able to express yourself, we are financing this school through our new collection. 

Revenue – expenses = Kameleon. No profit motive

SS21: Elizabeth

With the revenues of our ’21 ELIZABETH collection, we are supporting the Elizabeth Center in Tanzania. This center houses 350 kids and their mothers who are originating from the beautiful Maasai tribe. The Elizabeth Center provides open education in the ideal environment for talented individuals that need financial and medical support to expand their capabilities. According to the needs and desires of the school, we agreed that building a new water reservoir is of great importance. Therefore, in order to sustain a healthy, safe and happy environment for everyone in the Elizabeth center, we are doing great effort to realize this project.

On behalf of us, and our people, we would like to thank you for your involvement.